Divest Apparel is the spawn of artists and designer Shayn Eggers. Sick of seeing all the hate, judgement and miscommunication throughout the media. Shayn created Divest Apparel as an outlet for his art and message of stop caring so much. That’s why most of the designs we have don’t carry a message or a reason. You’ll see chop stick weilding octopus, pizza on skateboards and a cat with horns all just because we can! Not everything needs to mean something. Sometimes life can just be fun. That’s what this is about to us.

However, Shayn isn’t the only brains behind this beauty. Ashley Adams, his fiancé keeps things on track when ideas become a little too over the top and people get ahead of themselves. One doesn’t exist without the other. 

Divest yourself from the world around you and just do you.