Chicago born. Internationally worn. Divest isn’t just a brand. It’s a community. For the understated creatives, The care-frees and the standouts. When you see someone else wearing Divest Apparel, you know that you can relate to that person. No politics, opinions, judgements or bad attitudes to follow. Live on and Divest yourself!

Featured Artist - @W0lves_Blo0D & @Anastasiautopsy

Two came to one when Iain (w0lves_blo0d) crossed over from the Uk to meet Anastasia (@anastasiautopsy). Their love and passion fueled the desire to grow together. They started off killing the vape scene, making a name for themselves. With no hesitation combined their love of tattoos and made a move into the inked community. Their love of photography and creating content has brought them this far with bigger goals inspiring them for a killer future.