Chicago born. Internationally worn. Divest isn’t just a brand. It’s a community. For the understated creatives, The care-frees and the standouts. When you see someone else wearing Divest Apparel, you know that you can relate to that person. No politics, opinions, judgements or bad attitudes to follow. Live on and Divest yourself!

Featured Collab - Shitty Titties Snow Co.

“@shittytittiessnowco(Instagram) is a small Australian Ski & Snowboard brand born in the mountains January of 2017. It started as a simple joke between a bunch of friends living in staff accommodation however has evolved into something much greater with a small online cult following. Starting with a logo drawn in tomato sauce we are now striving to go much further with our designs by collaborating with amazing artists & brands such as Divest Apparel. We really hope you all enjoy this amazing piece of art designed by @shayndivest at Divest Apparel & can’t wait to see you all rocking it.” 🤘☠️🤘